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Shanghai university of applied technology (Shanghai Institute of Technology), is the country's first "applied technology" named for the city's public universities. Selected in the Ministry of Education Excellent Engineer Education Training Program, New Engineering Research and Practice Project, New Engineering Research and Practice Project , National 100 Applied Model Undergraduate Colleges and Universities Construction Units, National College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Program, Shanghai High Level Local Applied Colleges and Universities Pilot Construction Project, Shanghai First Model University for Deepening Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Reform and Shanghai Civilization Campus . 

The school, which began in 1954, was formed by a combination of the National Model Higher Technical College - Shanghai Institute of Light Industry, Shanghai Institute of Metallurgy, Shanghai Institute of Chemical Technology and the Shanghai Institute of Spices, affiliated to the former Ministry of Light Industry. In 2007, it passed the evaluation of the undergraduate teaching work level of the Ministry of Education and obtained the qualification of foreign students to recruit students; in 2008, it became the authorized unit of master's degree and began graduate education; in 2010, the new campus of Fengxian was completed and the main body of the school moved to the new campus of Fengxian; in 2016, it was renamed "Shanghai University of Applied Technology" with the approval of the Ministry of Education; and in 2017, it began the construction of the project of the awarding of doctorate degree.