2020 International Seminar on Artificial Intelligence, Networking and Information Technology
AINIT2020 is sincerely calling for Committee Members and Sponsors


AINIT 2020 is sincerely calling for Committee Member and Sponors.

2020 International Seminar on Artifical Intelligence, Networking and infotmation Technology (AINIT 2020)   will be held on September 18-20, 2020 in Shanghai Institute Of Technology, China. 

AINIT 2020 is calling for Committee Member and Sponsors all over the world now!

If you are innovative academics, engineers or industrial experts in the field of Artifical Intelligence, Networkin, ir you have interest in the releated field, please feel free to contact us. 

We would be honored if we could have you on AINIT 2020 and hope this event could meet and exceed your anticipation.

Conference Secretary-Dr.Dong                                   Conference Secretary-Ms.Lin

E-mail:dongjiangong@126.com                               E-mail:contact@ainit.org

Phone:13371901883(wechat)                                 Phone:13902257963 (wechat)


Conference Secretary-Ms.Lin