2022 3rd International Seminar on Artificial Intelligence, Networking and Information Technology(AINIT 2022)

SCI Journal

image.pngInternational Journal of Grid and High Performance Computing (IJGHPC)  

ISSN: 1938-0259

Indexing::EI Compendex           

Publisher:IGI Global; 

Indexing Type: Not Open Access;

Publication: Speical Issue


·  advanced cloud/edge computing architectures

·  emerging immersive multimedia applications and services

·  modern computing technologies

·  innovative digital services and applications

·  smart hyper-connected life

·  video-on-demand streaming services

·   media consumption paradigm shift

·  digital media paradigm shift

·  new interactive experiences for end users

·  virtual and augmented reality techniques

·  development of new services, products and business models

·  visual computing market

·  cloud computing

·  dynamic functionality of cloud computing

·  real-time applications

·  data transferring

·  5G and beyond networks

·   expansion of the scope of multimedia applications

·  enhancement of speed, reliability, and latency of consumer devices and applications

image.pngJournal of Cloud Computing-Advances, Systems and Applications

ISSN: 2192-113X


Publisher: Springer


Quartile:中科院3 区

Indexing Type: Not Open Access;

Publication: Speical Issue


· Research and production honeypots in cloud

· System for detecting and preventing intrusions in the cloud

· Technologies and implementations relating to cloud forensics and anti-forensics

· Enhanced security and privacy in cloud

· Application of key management and cryptographic strategies in cloud

· Analyzing log data in real-time to generate alerts

· Confidentiality in cloud

· Disseminated authentication and authorization

· Security provisioning in Multi cloud environment

·  Collecting evidence remotely from cloud servers

·  Service Level Agreements focused security


ISSN: 0045-7906


Publisher: Elsevier

IF: 3.818

Indexing Type: Not Open Access;

Publication: Speical Issue


   ·  Charging facilities for transport



Journal of Electronic Imaging 

ISSN: 1017-9909


Publisher: SPIE         

IF: 0.95+

Quartile:JCR Q4/ 4 区


  ·  Image enhancement (Image denoising, Image deblurring, Low-light image    enhancement)

 ·  3D object detection from imperfect quality imaging

 ·  Face recognition in low light condition

 ·  Fine-grained image classification under real world conditions

 ·  Smart transportation and smart cities related computer vision and engineering

 ·  Human-computer interaction in real world conditions

 ·  Medical image segmentation

 ·  Medical image segmentation